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PRICE (World)


PLUS 6.2

[ask for sales proposal]

€ 1.300,00 + VAT

U$ 1,450.00

PRO 6.2

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€ 900,00 + VAT

U$ 1,000.00

LE 6.2

[click here]

€ 200,00 + VAT

U$ 220.00

 for all software - sales will follow our General Conditions of Sales (it will be sent together with your proposal)



[ask for sales proposal]

€ 900,00 + VAT

U$ 1000.00


[click here ]

€ 650,00 + VAT

U$ 710.00

LE  X1

[click here]

€ 150,00 + VAT

U$ 165.00

Combo 1

Atmos Plus X1 + TecAt LE 6

[ask for sales proposal]

€ 1.000,00 + VAT

U$ 1,100.00

Combo 2

Atmos Plus X1 + TecAt Pro 6

[click here]

€ 1.600,00 + VAT

U$ 1,750.00

Combo 3

Atmos Plus X1 + TecAt Plus 6

[click here]

€ 2.000,00 + VAT

U$ 2,200.00


  • Payment through bank transfer or Paypal
  • VAT: 20% for Estonian customers (business and individuals), your country VAT for EU consumers (individuals), 0% for EU businesses, 0% for businesses and individuals elsewhere in the world
  • Please ask for price of multiple licenses and other combinations of licenses.
  • Multi-user versions are being developed and will be launched soon, the price per user is lower than the same number of licenses if purchased separately; Multi-user version is locked to one network but can be accessed remotely with third-party software, including by smart phones
  • Languages: as of March 2016, software interface, reports, manual, tutorials and support are available in English and Portuguese (TecAt has partial Spanish support); if you think you’re capable of helping translate Atmos or TecAt to another language, please contact us!

Fine print:

  • Our software comply with or exceeds the respective standards, although some unusual parameter may be absent - if you really need it, contact us and we will consider adding it
  • All sales are final; our software is sold “as is”, we’ve been doing our best for 25+ years to develop the best possible software, but we (or anyone else!) can’t guarantee 100% bug free - if you get any suspected results, please consult our support.
  • All user licenses include upgrades and support for one year; after that, the software remains operational and can be used indefinitely but, for new upgrades and support, the user must renew the annual contract - currently priced at 20% of the price of the license
  • License is locked to one computer, although it can be changed by request to our support

Contact: sales@voltsandbolts.com

Software price list

prices valid up to December 31, 2016

(For services prices, please see our Services page)