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FAQ #1

TecAt Plus - Grid current values:

TecAt Plus has 3 values of grid current (*): the default value of 1 kA (to avoid math errors if the user click on Calculate without entering any value), the current value you enter on Grid 2 / Potentials / Admissible (this is the value used for Potentials) screen and the current value you enter at Grid 2 / Cable section; please pay attention! You can check the value used and the GPR at the Reports 2 / Resistance; please note that the resistance value is independent of the current, but the potentials are directly affected.

(*) formerly we used just one value (besides the default), but users asked for the second as some energy companies sometimes asks for the cables/weld section to be evaluated using the LV correspondent current instead of the HV current used for potentials.

Check also our Standards page and How To page

FAQ #2

TecAt Plus - update 6.2.3 - available for users with valid maintenance contract.

User Support

FAQ #3

Atmos Plus X1.2 - update available for X1.1 and X1 users with valid maintenance contract.

FAQ #4

TecAt Plus - update 6.3.0 - available for users with valid maintenance contract.